PAYG Preloaded Minutes SIM Card

The OmertaNet Pay As You Go SIM card loaded with 500 or 1000 minutes of talk time is a revolutionary solution in the realm of secure communication. This SIM card offers users an extended period of connectivity and privacy, ensuring they can communicate freely without compromising their personal information or security. With a validity of 24 months or until all minutes are used, individuals have the freedom to enjoy uninterrupted communication without the constraints of time or restrictive contracts.

Whether it's receiving important business calls or staying connected with loved ones, the minutes provided by the OmertaNet Pay As You Go SIM card cater to a wide range of communication needs. Users can make and receive calls, confident that their conversations are encrypted and impervious to interception. This advanced security measure guarantees the protection of sensitive information, ensuring privacy remains intact.

The flexibility of the Pay As You Go model empowers users to effectively manage their talk time. Once your minutes are exhausted, users can conveniently top up online, extending their communication capabilities seamlessly. This hassle-free process eliminates the need for physical vouchers or complex procedures, allowing individuals to have full control over their communication expenses. By only paying for the minutes they need, users can optimize their usage and enjoy the benefits of secure and private communication.
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£500.00 - £750.00
PAYG Preloaded Minutes SIM Card
Product Details
OmertaNet PAYG provides customers with a preloaded sim card with 500 or 1000 minutes for calls to any standard mobile phone or landline, both local and international.

Whats Included

  • A Physical SIM Card: This is a physical sim card not an ESIM.
  • No Contracts: Omerta Encrypted SIM cards operate on a prepaid basis, meaning there are no contracts involved. Simply pay and go, enjoying the freedom and flexibility of a contract-free communication solution.
  • Worldwide Calling: With 1000 minutes at your disposal, you can make unlimited phone calls to anywhere in the world. There are no limitations or hidden costs—just a fixed upfront fee that allows you to stay connected anytime and anywhere.
  • Encrypted Calling to Anyone: Omerta SIMs utilize military-grade double-data encryption to secure all your calls and messages. Your privacy is paramount, with no billing records, location sharing, traceable numbers, or visible IMEI/IMSI. Omerta SIM ensures comprehensive protection for your privacy from every angle.
  • Geolocation Anonymity: The Omerta SIM card safeguards your location by encrypting your geolocation data through a secure USSD channel. This robust security measure ensures that your location information remains secure and confidential. This makes an Omerta SIM an ideal choice for activists, journalists, and privacy-conscious individuals.
  • Telephone Number Encryption: Advanced encryption technology allows an Omerta SIM to generate a random number for each call you make. This encryption process occurs via a secure USSD channel, making it impossible to decipher your original number. Additionally, recipient call logs display the random generated number rather than your actual number, further enhancing your privacy.
  • Change Your Voice Characteristics: If voice identification poses a threat to your privacy, Omerta SIM provides a solution. With seven settings to choose from, you can easily modify your phonetic characteristics at the touch of a button. This feature ensures that any concerns regarding voice identification are thoroughly mitigated.
  • Mobile Data: Mobile data can be conveniently purchased as a top-up, allowing you to stay connected to the internet and access online services while maintaining the same level of privacy and security as your calls.
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