Data Only SIM Card


High performance, no logs, anonymous mobile data

Introducing the OmertaNet Data Only subscription, a high-performance VPN-style mobile data solution that prioritizes speed, security, and unlimited data usage for three months. With this subscription, users can enjoy unparalleled freedom in their mobile data connectivity, both locally and internationally, without worrying about privacy & security concerns.

The OmertaNet Data Only subscription offers a wide range of advanced security features to ensure your online activities remain private and protected. Available in 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 month subscription, each plan has a one off quota of data & can be topped up at any time via top ups.

What is a physical sim card?

A SIM card, or Subscriber Identity Module card, is a small, removable chip used in mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and some smartwatches.

Security Features

An essential feature provided by OmertaNet is hidden geolocation. By encrypting your geolocation data, it keeps your physical location secure, protecting your privacy and preventing unauthorized tracking or surveillance. Our mobile data is also tunnelled through a VPN, which both encrypts your data and masks your location by making your IP Address appear in a different international location.

With a strong emphasis on true anonymity, the OmertaNet Data Only subscription encrypts all your mobile data usage, making it virtually impossible for anyone to intercept your online activities. This level of privacy is particularly valuable for individuals who prioritize confidentiality and require a secure communication solution.

Whether you need to connect with business partners across the globe or stay in touch with loved ones in distant locations, the OmertaNet Data Only subscription provides the freedom to enjoy high-performance VPN-style mobile data without compromise. Experience peace of mind, enhanced privacy, and lightning-fast connectivity with this comprehensive mobile data package.
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£300.00 - £1,000.00
OmertaNet Data Only 12 Months
Product Details
OmertaNet Data Only plan provides customers with a preloaded sim card with mobile data.

Whats Included

  • Physical SIM Card included
  • No Logs: Enjoy the benefits of a truly private internet experience without any logging of your online activities.
  • No Contracts: Omerta Encrypted SIM cards offer a contract-free communication solution. Simply pay and go, enjoying the freedom and flexibility of a prepaid basis.
  • Geolocation Anonymity: The Omerta SIM card prioritizes your privacy by encrypting geolocation data through a secure USSD channel. This ensures your location information remains confidential, making it an excellent choice for activists, journalists, and privacy-conscious individuals.
  • VPN Styled Data: Benefit from data encryption and transmission via VPN for enhanced privacy.
  • Mobile Data: Get a generous £150 allocation of high-performance, VPN-style anonymous mobile data.
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